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Agricultural Land Assessment

Agricultural land is the most abundant property type in North Dakota. In order to value agricultural land, three different criteria must be taken into account; detailed or general soil surveys, use of modifiers, and the consideration of land use. Land Use has been proven by many North Dakota counties to be easy to understand, accurate, and easy to maintain year over year and is the preferred method of agricultural land valuation in North Dakota. County parcel and land use data has to be reviewed and maintained to maximize the investment in those programs and to keep accurate property records.

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Industrial Property Assessment

The oil and gas industry is constantly fluctuating and property values follow these trends. To keep up with energy markets, a thorough analysis to determine the earning or productive capacity, if any, the market value, if any, and all other matters that affect the actual value of oil and gas property to be assessed is critical. In addition, consideration must be given to industrial assets to determine the classification of real property versus personal property. This determination must be made on a property by property basis using all pertinent information available.

Unmanned Aerial Systems data collection

The use of Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones, provides a new and different perspective of the properties we assess and inspect.  Utilizing the latest drone and software technology, flight paths can be preprogrammed to capture images to create a 3D model, a 2D orthomosaic, video, or panoramic view that you typically wont see from the ground.  Further, imagery captured by drones is more detailed and can be compared to prior drone flight data to ensure all property is accounted for in the assessment and improvements are properly valued.



Kompleks Assessment Solutions, LLC, a North Dakota limited liability company, provides drone based ad valorem tax services to local government jurisdictions within the state of North Dakota. Kompleks was formed out of a need for a more cost effective, North Dakota based assessment experience. 

With a background of property tax assessment and industrial property valuation experience at the county and state levels, the company will hold a competitive advantage by:

  • Being the only industrial assessment company headquartered in North Dakota, ensuring billable travel costs are significantly reduced for clients;

  • Utilizing prior experience and education to provide the most accurate and equitable property assessments within the confines of North Dakota Century Code;

  • Kompleks is a North Dakota grown company without a lot of overhead costs which saves time, money, and creates flexibility in serving the needs of local governments;

  • Kompleks will not charge additional fees for time spent in preparation of testimony or appeal materials in the event of an appeal at the township, county, or state boards of equalization. 






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